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How to Download sensa fomu 2022

Census tanzania Job Opportunity
Census tanzania Job Opportunity

How to Download sensa fomu 2022;- ajira za kazi sensa 2022, fomu ya maombi ya sensa 2022 download via www nbs go tz ajira fomu ya maombi | ajira nbs go tz, ajira.nbs.go.tz ajira form| www.nbs.go.tz ajira fomu ya maombi

How to Download sensa fomu 2022

  • You need to register yourself and fill all required information
  • after registration you will need to download form
  • Signing downloaded form
  • FORM to be signed  by Local GVT
  • Uploading it Again in the System
  • (The password will be sent in Your registered Email)

Please Consider the Following

  • Read the Announcement carefully, before submitting an application.
  • Make sure all the information you fill out is yours.
  • Phone number will only be used once. Make sure you fill in a phone number that has not been used by another person to apply for a job.
  • Make sure the email you use is yours and it works. Email will only be used once.
  • After submitting the application Download Form No. 1 to be filled with Local Government officials when you want to work.
  • Username and Password will be sent to the email you entered above (Excerpt 3).
  • To complete your application, Use the Email and Password used to upload Form No. 1 signed.

Click here to Download Form

How to Download sensa fomu 2022
How to Download sensa fomu 2022

Part A: Applicant Information

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Surname
  • Telephone number
  • Email
  • Date of birth (As in birth certificate)
  • Higher Level of Education Achieved
  • Form Four Examination Number (Example: S12340012-2006)
  • Test Number (Example: S1234-1234-2006)
  • Requested Position (Select only one position)
  • Phone / Kishikwambi experience
  • Employment status
  • National Identification Number as on NIDA card
  • NIDA Number (Example: 19900102-12345-00001-12)
  • Choose the area in which you will work
  • Province
  • District
  • Council
  • State
  • Division / Ward
  • Kata / Shehia
  • Village / Street

Part B: Sponsor information

  • Three names of first sponsor
  • Email of first sponsor
  • Phone number of the first sponsor
  • Three names of second sponsor
  • Email of second sponsor
  • Phone number of the second sponsor

Section C: Attachments

  • Form Four Certificate (PDF)
  • Birth Certificate (PDF)
  • Other Appendix (Example ICT Certificate, n.k) PDF