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jinsi ya kulipa kwa lipa namba Airtel

jinsi ya kulipa kwa lipa namba Airtel

jinsi ya kulipa kwa lipa namba Airtel

jinsi ya kulipa kwa lipa namba Airtel-In this articles you will know jinsi ya kulipa kwa lipa namba ,Pay by Phone is payments solution launched in November 2016, to digitize payments in the Tanzania retail Ecosystem and enable merchants and retailers collect payments seamlessly while helping customers to avoid the risks and burdens of carrying cash.

Paying with your phone allows you to get the following benefits

  • All networks and bank accounts connected to M-Pesa payments to reduce the hassle of having multiple till numbers
  • Safe, not bulky and risk-free. (Avoids risk of robbery, theft, fake notes, contaminations with germs)
  • Faster and convenient for distance payments (higher velocity compared to cash)
  • Simple and efficient. No hassle for change, simplicity of QR codes, keeps all transaction records.
  • Pay by Phone solution will enable you to pay conveniently to a diverse group of merchants across all sectors like pubs and bars, hotels, restaurants and cafes, supermarkets, fuel stations, cinema outlets, pharmacies, hardware stores

Tanzania has several mobile networks that provide mobile phone services across the country. The major mobile networks in Tanzania include:

  1. Airtel Tanzania – Airtel is the second largest mobile network in Tanzania with over 11 million subscribers. It offers voice, data, and mobile money services.

These mobile networks offer a range of services including voice calls, SMS messaging, mobile data, and mobile money services. The mobile networks in Tanzania have also invested in expanding their 4G and 5G networks to offer faster data speeds and better coverage.


  • Piga *150*60#
  • Chagua namba 4 (Lipa Bili)
  • Chagua namba 3 (Malipo ya Serikali)
  • Ingiza Kiasi
  • Ingiza Namba ya Malipo(99xxxxxxxxxx)
  • Weka namba ya siri

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