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Mwanza Form five selection 2022

Mbeya Form five selection 2022
Mbeya Form five selection 2022

Mwanza Form five selection 2022 | Wanafunzi waliochaguliwa kujiunga kidato cha Tano  mkoa wa Mwanza

After a long waiting for the form four exam results now Jobuvilla.com will help you to check the form five result selection in Mwanza religion ,Please find complete details below know everything about Selection. TAMISEMI select qualified students to form five studies in various Secondary schools in Tanzania. The qualified student are those who scored division one up to Division three.

Mwanza Form five selection 2022 TAMISEMI

The creation of the Ministry of Regional Administration and Local Government (TAMISEMI) is established in the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania.

The role of TAMISEMI

The role of TAMISEMI is to coordinate and supervise the management and administration of regional development. TAMISEMI coordinates rural and urban development management policies and strategies; coordinates the activities of the Regional Secretariats and strengthens their capacity in institutional development strategies for integrated socio-economic and financial development.

TAMISEMI also coordinates and supervises development planning and sectorial interventions on donor supported programmes at district and other locals levels; issues ministerial guidelines to Regional Secretariats and Local Government Authorities; and strengthen the channel of communication and information flow between the national and sub-national levels.

Form five selection 2022
Form five selection 2022

Mwanza Form five selection 2022

The Mwanza region was officially created in 1963 with four districts of Ukerewe, Geita, Mwanza and Kwimba. In 1972, after the regional decentralization policy, other districts were created, starting with Magu in 1974. Sengerema District was created in 1975, where it was previously one of the divisions of Geita District.

The Mwanza region is one of the 30 regions of Tanzania. Regional boundaries, Mwanza region is bordered by Geita to the west, Shinyanga and Simiyu to the south and Mara to the east. Lake Victoria Nyanza is located to the north.

Mwanza Form five selection 2022 | Selections za kidato cha tano  Mwanza 2022

Form four selection is yet to be announced by Tamisemi, We’ll keep you updated once Tamisemi announces the list of selected students to join various Advanced schools in Tanzania.

How to check TAMISEMI Form Five Selection 2022 Mwanza Region

  • Step 1. Visit the official website of TAMISEMI http://selform.tamisemi.go.tz
  • Step 2. Click on the official link of Selection Results
  • Step 3. Candidates can find the Selection Results by scrolling down the page
  • Step 4. Check your name from the list that will be presented in online mode.
  • Step 5. Candidates may download and print out multiple copies of the list for any future references.

Use the Link below to Check Form five selection 2022 Mwanza Region

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