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NIT Driving Course Fees | Ada Za Udereva NIT 2023

Ada Za Udereva NIT 2023

NIT Driving Course Fees | Ada Za Udereva NIT 2023,A driving course is a great way to brush up on your skills and knowledge of the road as well as the applicable rules and regulations. It can also be a great way to meet other people who share your interest in driving. Whether you are a new or experienced driver, a driving course can help you become a better, safer and more responsible driver.

There are many different types of driving courses available in different colleges in Tanzania, from those that focus on the basics of driving to those that focus on more advanced skills. Some courses are designed specifically for new drivers. No matter your experience level, there is a driving course suitable for you.

NIT Driving Course Fees | Ada Za Udereva NIT 2023

The National Institute of Transport NIT is one of the top rated driving schools in Tanzania. They have built up a high reputation for offering a wide range of courses for aspiring drivers, from industrial driving to VIP driving. Many people choose to study in this institution because of this reputation, and many employers are happy to hire people who have completed NIT courses.

If you are looking to join NIT driving courses and would like to know the costs involved in these courses, we are here to help you. Below, we have provided the NIT (Ada Za Udereva NIT 2022) Driving Course fees to help you have a better understanding of the costs involved. Also, we have highlighted some important information on how to apply for the NIT driving course and what you should expect as a student.

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The table below shows the NIT driving course fees

SnTitle Of ProgrammeDuration  Fees  
1Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsv)10 Days         200,000
2Heavy Goods Vehicle Ihgv)10 Days         515,000
3Advanced Drivers Grade Ii Win04 Weeks         400,000
4Advanced Drivers Grade Ii Mp)04 Weeks         400,000
5“Forklift Operators Training10 Days         400,000
6Passenger Artvict. Sikrfect IpsviFa Days         200,000
7Heavy Goods Vehicle (Hgvi15 Days         515,000
8Advanced Driver Grade One04 Weeks         420,000
9Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsv)10 Days         200,000
10Heavy Goods Vehicle (Hgvi15 Days         515,000
11Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsvi10 Days         200,000
12Heavy Goods Service Vehicle10 Days         515,000
13“Forkijet Operator’s Training10 Days         400,000
14Advanced Drivers Grade Ii Wi Pi04 Weeks         400,000
15Advanced Drivers Grade If (Industrial)4 Weeks         400,000
16Senior Driveios Course6 Weeks         450,000
17Passenger Service Vehicle Ipsvi10 Days         200,000

How To Apply For Professional Driving At NIT

Application forms are available at the NIT Mabibo Campus for a non-refundable fee that is specified by the Institute on the application form. You can also download the form from the Institute website at www.nit.ac.tz. The payment should be made to the National Institute of Transport using the control number.

After filling in all the required information in the application, it must be sent to the Registrar’s office with proof of payment of fees and copies of driver’s licenses, educational certificates and professional driving certificates (if applicable). Application forms that do not include the above supporting documents will be rejected.