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Orodha ya Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania 2022-2023

Orodha ya Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania

Orodha ya Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania

Orodha ya Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania 2022-2023,Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania ,Mashirika ya Ndege yaliyopo Tanzania, Airline 2021, Kampuni za ndege Tanzania,Airlines Operating in Tanzania.Progress in the aviation industry among other things is also very much dependent on the presence of many airlines and the quality of services provided by such airlines.

Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania

Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, as of July 2013 47 out of 74 companies (organizations) licensed to provide air transport services have been providing such services. Today I bring you a list and the names of those companies are as follows: –


  1.  AB Aviation
  2. Airsychelles
  3. Astral Aviation
  4.  EgyptAir
  5. Emirates
  6. Ethiopian Airlines
  7.  Etihad Airways
  8. EWA Air
  9. Fastjet
  10. Fly Dubai
  11. Kenya Airways
  12.  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
  13. LAM  Linhas Aereas de Moçambique
  14. Malawian Airlines
  15. Martinair
  16. Oman Air
  17. Qatar Airways
  18. RwandAir Ltd
  19. SAA  South African Airways
  20. Swiss International Air Lines
  21. Turkish Airlines

Orodha ya Mashirika ya ndege Tanzania


NO Majina ya kampuni za ndege
1Air Tanzania Company Ltd
2 Precision Air Services PLC
3 Coastal Travels Ltd
4Zan Air Ltd
5Air Excel Ltd
6Regional Air Services Ltd
7Nothern Air Ltd
8Zantas Air Service Ltd
9Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)
10Auric Air Services Ltd
11Tanzania Government Flight Agency
12Serengeti Balloons (Tourism &Public Relations Services Ltd)
13 Flightlink Ltd
14Astral Aviation Ltd
15Airspray (T) Ltd
16Tanzania air Services Ltd (T/a Tanzanair)
17Desert Locust Control Org
18Tanganyika Flying Co. Ltd (Nomad Aviation Ltd)
19Kenya Aeronav
20Photomap International Inc
21Humming Bird Aviation Ltd
22Tropical Air (Z) Ltd
23Meridiana Fly SPA
24Fly Safari Air Link Ltd
25Fly 540(T) Ltd
26Mosswood Transport (T) Ltd
27Care Aviation &Tour Ltd
28Zan Recreational Products Ltd
29Safari Plus Ltd
30Keys Aviation Co.Ltd
31Ultimate Security (Tanzania) Ltd
32Tandrill Ltd
33Everret Aviation Ltd
34Adventures aloft (T) Ltd
35Seven Four Eight Air Services (K)
36Seaplanes Africa Company Ltd
37Whirlwind Aviation Tanzania Limited
38Safari Express Cargo Limited
39Firelight Safaris Ltd
40African Balloon Safari Ltd
41Zenith Aviation (Z) Limited
42Pelican Aviation and Tours Limited (PATL)
43Assalaam Air (Z) Company Limited
44Zan Aviation At Work Ltd
45Blue Panorama Airlines S.P.A
46Neos S.P.A
47Shine Aviation Ltd