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Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF

Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF
Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF

Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF

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The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

The National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) has expanded its benefits base by introducing more packages to give more people the opportunity to join and benefit from health insurance services in the country. These packages provide an opportunity for individuals, families or different groups of citizens to join health insurance according to the criteria and conditions set by the fund. Here we will take you through the new NHIF insurance package (Angalia Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF 2021).

Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF
Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF

NHIF Health Insurance Package/ Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF


Kifurushi Cha Nagali Afia

This package is intended for those who care about their health. Its offer guaranteed access to healthcare throughout the year. The Njali Avia Group member will be provided with the fund’s medical card which he will use to access services at more than 7,000 facilities registered with the fund within the United Republic of Tanzania.

mwanachama wa NAJALI AFYA atanufaika na mafao yafuatayo:-

  • Kulipiwa ada ya kujiandikisha na kumuona daktari,
  • Kulipiwa huduma ya kulazwa hadi siku 30 kwa mwaka kwa kila mwanafamilia,
  • Kulipiwa dawa zilizosajiliwa na kuruhusiwa hadi ngazi ya kituo cha afya,
  • Kulipiwa gharama za huduma za kinywa na meno kwa kuzingatia masharti yaliyowekwa,
  • Kulipiwa gharama za huduma za upasuaji mdogo zaidi ya aina 27 na za upasuaji mkubwa zaidi ya aina 14,
  • Kuanza kulipiwa huduma za uzazi baada ya kuchangia kwa miaka miwili (2) kwa kuzingatia vigezo na masharti yaliyowekwa,
  • Kulipiwa huduma za vipimo zaidi ya aina 162 vikiwemo Ultrasound, X-Ray, ECHO na EEG.


This package is specifically for a citizen who needs to invest in his or her health status or with the health of his or her family with the aim of being sure to get medical care where he or she needs it.WEKEZA AFYA package subscriber will benefit from the following :

  • Member of Wekeza Afya will not pay a registration fee and expense to see a doctor,
  • This package cover hospital admission expense for up to 45 days per year
  • Access to registered and licensed drugs up to the district hospital level without any paayment


A member of the Timiza Afya package will receive services at all public, private and religious institutions registered with the Fund nationwide up to the level of the Regional Referral Hospital. The member will need a referral letter to receive services at the Regional and National Referral Hospital level.

Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF
Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF

Bei Za Vifurushi Bima Ya Afya Nhif

  • As per the NHIF regulations, a KIKOA member can add his/ her spouse and 4 legally recognized dependants and contribute Tsh. 76,800 yearly. Membership expires after a year unless renewed.
  • A private individual can also join the scheme and register dependants as per the guidelines of NHIF and contribute an annual fee of Tsh. 1,501,200.
  • Ushirika Afya member pays Tsh. 76,800 annually. Although one has an option to add their spouse, parent, and parent of spouse, you will pay an extra Tsh. 76,800 for each person added and Tsh. 50,400 for every child under 18 years.
  • Students registered under learning institutions will pay Tsh. 50,400 annually up to their graduation year.
Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF
Orodha ya Vifurushi vya bima ya afya NHIF

Certified Health Facilities Coverage

The Fund undertakes certifications of facilities that are fully registered by the Ministry of Health, Community Development Gender, Elderly and Children to provide services to beneficiaries. These health facilities are divided into three groups namely Government, Faith-based organizations,s, and Privately owned health facilities. Currently, the Fund has certified more than 7,900 health facilities with different levels of accreditation to serve the Fund’s beneficiaries.

These categories are:-

  • National Referral,
  • Zonal Referral,
  • Regional Referral,
  • District Hospitals,
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Specialized Clinics,
  • Health Centers,
  • Dispensaries,





+255 26 2963887/8/+255 26 2963888



0800110063 – Inapatikana saa 24 siku 7 za wiki



Mfuko wa Taifa wa Bima ya Afya (NHIF),

Makao Makuu,

Jengo la NHIF, Tambukareli,

Barabara ya Jakaya Kikwete,

S.L.P 1437,


0800 111163 – Kwa kutoa taarifa za siri za udanganyifu dhidi ya Mfuko