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tentacle locker Apk free Download latest version

tentacle locker
tentacle locker

tentacle locker -In here you can Download Tentacle Locker Free latest version 2022,tentacle locker Apk free Download.

tentacle locker

tentacle locker game is based on comics , explicit of bold and intimate scenes .in tentacle locker you are playing the role of tentacle locker . there is a flexible limb hidden in closet or what you call a locker in high schools and colleges . so , they grab high school girls and take them into that locker.

gameplay to this Tentacle Locker is very straightforward. You are either a tentacle monster hiding in a school locker, or a school locker that has developed tentacles. In either case, as you would expect, there’s a lot of tentacles and lockers. Using arrow keys, you can move along the corridor of a school that appears to only have cute girls (definitely over 18) and when you’ve found one that you really like the look of, wrap around her and drag her into the locker.


tentacle locker Apk
tentacle locker Apk

Tentacle locker For Android features

  • Name APK           Tentacle locker
  • LAST REVISION    This year
  • Average Rate        8/10
  • Size                    499 MB
  • AUTHOR             Hot Pink Games
  • Version               V1.1

How to install an Tentacle locker APK on your Android device

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tentacle locker
tentacle locker