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Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake in Tanzania | Tiles price in Tanzania

Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake
Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake

Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake in Tanzania | Tiles price in Tanzania

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A cost is the quantity of payment or compensation given by one party to another in return for one unit of goods or services. In some situations, the price of production has a different name. If the product is a “good” in the commercial exchange, the price of this product will likely be called “price”.

Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake in Tanzania

Jobuvilla Team Have Prepared a Detailed Guide On How to find a Price or Bei For Any Product in Tanzania.

The Following Are The Steps On How To Find the Best Price For the Product You Are Looking For;- 

  1. You Have Your Phone Right!

  2. So, it’s Time to Choose because there are a lot of ways to do this.

  3. The first option is to download Local e-commerce apps from your mobile phone either app store or play store. Example of these apps includes Kikuu, Alibaba, Jijii, Kupatana, Amazon, E-bay, & a lot more.

  4. Create Your Account if you don’t have it on these apps but if you have an account already just log-in.

  5. After logging into your account on one of these apps just look for a search bar.

  6. Search any Product you are looking for and the price will be mentioned for each product u search for.

Remember;-  Prices and rates change as supply or demand changes. If something is in demand and supply begins to shrink, prices will rise. If supply increases beyond current demand, prices will fall. If supply is relatively stable, prices can fluctuate higher and lower as demand increases or decreases.

Another way and the easiest way to use is social media especially Instagram. If You Are Instagram User You Might Know What I’m Talking About.

Here are Tiles price in Tanzania


¬ 30X30 =17PCS = 1.7SQM = TSHS 16,500

¬ 40X40 =12PCS = 1. 92SQM = TSHS 18,500

¬ 50X50 =7PCS = 1.7SQM = TSHS 28,500

¬ 60X60 =4PCS = 1.44SQM = TSHS 29,500

¬ 80X80 =2PCS = 1.4SQM = TSHS. 33,000

Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake
Tiles za kisasa na Bei zake


¬ 25X30 = 16PCS = 1 SQM = TSHS. 10,500

¬ 25X40 = 15PCS = 1.53 SQM = TSHS. 16,500

¬ 25X60 = 8PCS = 1.6 SQM = TSHS 26,500

¬ 12X60 = 25PCS = 1.44 SQM = TSHS 29,500

steps to follow when you are searching for a products price

  1. Log in to Your Instagram account or create an account if you don’t have any.

  2. Go to the search bar.

  3. Search For any Product You are looking for.

  4. A lot of Instagram Accounts will Show up,

  5. Just Choose Careful The Account Which has Posts of products You are Looking for.

  6. Finally, Contact The Dealer & Negotiate The Price.