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vhembe tvet college -online application 2022-2023

vhembe tvet college -online application 2022-2023

vhembe tvet college :- In this articles you will find steps how to Apply vhembe tvet college,Vhembe TVET College application, online admission, fees.

vhembe tvet college -online application 2022-2023

Vhembe TVET College is one of the progressive TVET colleges with coherent systems and initiatives that effectively support teaching and learning. In its 55 years of existence the college have produced people of prominence in various fields of trade. Due to the vastness of the area, the college have by far, most enrolled students in the college than its peers nationally. Through partnerships forged with strategic institutions like SETA’s and many others like them, it has made Vhembe TVET College to be an institution of choice

Vhembe TVET College is located in the Vhembe District Municipality, which is far north of the Limpopo Province. The District is comprised of four municipalities, namely, Thulamela, Makhado, Mutale and Musina, with the seat located in Thohoyandou. It covers 21000 square kilometres or 18% of the province. The college has six campuses which are Makwarela, Tshisimani, Mashamba, Mavhoi, Thengwe and Makhado. The Central Office of Vhembe TVET College is situated in Sibasa about 2km from Makwarela Campus, 52km from Mavhoi, 72km from Mashamba and 31km from Tshisimani campus. The college has a satellite campus at Thengwe that specialises with learnerships and short skills and a hospitality campus at Makhado.vhembe tvet college

Vhembe TVET College Application Requirements 2022

Application Requirements

  1. You’ll need an email address to complete the application.
  2. South African applicants will need an ID number.  Foreign applicants will need their passport number.
  3. Once you have received your student number from Flavius Mareka TVET College, you will need to pay the application fee.
  4. Make sure your documents are scanned according to the guidelines.
  5. Your admission to Vhembe TVET College is dependent on you meeting the specific admission requirements for your chosen qualification.
  6. If you don’t meet these requirements, you may want to consider alternative qualifications or possibly, if you qualify, an extended programme, enabling you to register for limited modules in your first year.
  7. Students who completed Grade 12 at the ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) School of Tomorrow may no longer be accepted at Flavius Mareka TVET College.
  8. Some Vhembe TVET College qualifications have limited spaces available. Meeting the general and / specific admission requirements for a qualification does not guarantee that you will be offered a space for the 2022 academic year.vhembe tvet college
vhembe tvet college
vhembe tvet college


Before Applying to Vhembe TVET College, Vhembe TVET College there are important things to note:

  • Closing Dates: Do you know the Vhembe TVET College Applications Closing Dates? Simply Click Here
  • Online vs. Postage/Courier: Some universities use an online application system, while others only accept hard copies. Some offer both. Take this into account when starting the application process.
  • Exam Results: Your Grade 11 marks are really important for your application. Some universities allow you to use your Matric June marks, so have these at hand!
  • Financial Aid: If your family’s income falls below a certain bracket, you could qualify. This will be a separate form and you’ll need your parent or guardian’s payslip ready for proof.
  • Current Year’s Activity: If you’re in Matric, the university requires your school marks and school activity details. If you took a gap year they’ll need traveling or working details.
  • Supporting Documents: You’ll need your:
    • Certified copy of your ID
    • Parent’s/guardian’s ID
    • Exam results
    • Proof of residence
    • Most recent payslip NEVER sends the original documents.
  • Make Sure all Details are Correct: Fill in your application form slowly and double-check your details before submitting online. If you fill out a hardcopy, use a pencil before filling it out with a blue or black pen.
  • Pay the Application Fee: Make sure of the required amount, EFT it, or pay it at the bank. Never post it. Send the university proof of payment if it’s required.
  • Signing the Declaration: Read through the form and make sure your details are all true and correct. You AND your parent/ guardian need to sign it.
  • Acceptance: You will be sent a formal email or letter to inform you of your acceptance. Remember to continue working hard and pay the minimum initial payment by the due date.
  • NBT Test (with 3yrs Validity): It is always advisable to write an NBT test, though its not all universities that find it necessary.vhembe tvet college

Steps How to Apply Online for Vhembe TVET College Application 2022

Step 1:

Get your application form from the Vhembe TVET College campus you wish to study at.

Step 2:

Complete your application form in full. Make sure to hand it in at the campus you applied to.

*Remember you’ll need an email address.

Step 3:

Attach all supporting documents.

Please note: It’s important for you to have certified copies as well as your original documents with you. All certified documents may not be older than 3 months.

Step 4:  

Looking for Funding?

Check out all the available funding opportunities. If you’re not sure about the differences in funding opportunities, see NSFAS 2022

Vhembe TVET College Application 2022

Apply to Vhembe TVET College Business School


To apply online, you will need

  • Internet access.
  • A valid personal email address (should you not have an e-mail account, please open one before proceeding with your online application). 
  • Your latest school results – Example: Grade 11 final or grade 12 June or September or final school-leaving results – No Grade 12 March results.
  • valid SA ID number or passport number
  • valid cell number correctly, as your application status will be communicated via cellphone

How to Check Vhembe TVET College Application Status 2022

Haven’t received a response for your Vhembe College application for admission? Track and access the admission application status online.

Step 1:

To check the Vhembe TVET College (Vhembe College) application status got to https://www.vhembecollege.edu.za/

Step 2:

Enter your application login details and then click the “Submit” button.


Have questions about your application?

Tel: 015 963 3156

Need to find the institution?

Physical Address:
Stand No. 203
Unit A, Sibasa
Limpopo, South Africa