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Vodacom Tanzania Secret USSD Codes 2023

Vodacom Tanzania Bundles 2023

Vodacom Tanzania Secret USSD Codes 2023

Vodacom Tanzania Secret USSD Codes 2023 -Vodacom Tanzania Secret USSD Codes make it easy for Vodacom Tanzania subscribers to have access to the network. USSD codes have become so popular

In general, USSD codes are shortcodes that allow customers to access various services and features provided by their network operator. Some of the common USSD codes for Vodacom Tanzania that are publicly available include:

  • 14901# – Check your Vodacom Tanzania number
  • 14902# – Check your balance
  • 14903# – Buy a data bundle
  • 14904# – Buy a voice bundle
  • 14906# – Buy an SMS bundle
  • 14907# – Buy a roaming bundle
  • 14999# – Customer care and support

It’s worth noting that some of these codes may have changed or may not be available in some regions. Therefore, it’s always best to check with Vodacom Tanzania’s official website or contact their customer care for the most up-to-date information.

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Vodacom Tanzania Secret USSD Codes

A USSD, also known as Unstructured Supplementary Data, is found in every SIM card. The USSD is a GSM (Global System for Mobile) communication used to send text between a Cell phone and software or application on the same network.

Vodacom Tanzania USSD Codes 2023 (Secret USSD Codes)



Service Menu


(Contract & Prepaid)

Balance Inquiry




(Prepaid Only)

Buying Data Bundles

(Data bundle Transfer)


 (Prepaid Only)

Account Top Up with Voucher Value (Recharge Prepaid Account)

*100*01*Recharge PIN#

(Prepaid Only)

Please Recharge me

(sending Airtime to another Vodacom Subscriber)


CallMe Service

 (Call me Back Request)


 (Contract & Prepaid)

Airtime Transfer


Airtime Advance

(Borrow Airtime from Vodacom)


Vodacom Promotions

*111# and select “Promotions.”

Vodacom Pay points

(For Merchants of Vodacom to accept credit card payments)


Vodacom Entertainment offers

*111# and select “Entertainment.”