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Check heslb loan allocation status 2021-2022

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Check heslb loan allocation status 2021-2022

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status heslb loan allocation

To know your status, click ‘Applicant’s Loan Status’ link and enter your Form IV index number you used when applying for loans and password. To view your Loan allocation results click Loan Allocation 2021/2022 on the left side menu Other batches will be released after completion of verification and admission procedures.

Check heslb loan allocation status

Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) is an organization that gives HESLB loans, bursaries and scholarships for training at public institutes, which are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Tanzania. Thanks to HESLB loans, all Tanzanian citizens can empower their dreams by getting an academic degree and embarking on a successful career.

How to Register / login to my loan allocation status heslb

Subsequent HESLB logins will be simple. A form will display two input fields. Enter applicant’s Username and Password which were created during applicant’s Registration. Click Login button to be checked and be allowed into the system.

How To Check allocation status heslb loan

Find out where you are in the application process every step of the way. Check your HESLB application status to see items received, items missing, new information requested and HESLB application decision. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to HESLB  with your Form Four Index Number and password
  2. Navigate to the Student Information System
  3. Navigate to the Student tab
  4. Select application status
  5. Check application status

CLCK HERE Applicant’s Loan Status 

Eligibility of Loans Board (HESLB)

(i) Be a poor orphan (who has lost both parents) or partial orphan (who has lost one parent) has to be certified by RITA.

(ii) Have disability that has to be certified by District Medical Officer (DMO), Regional Medical Officer (RMO), or any entity authorized to certify such cases (as may be specified).

(iii) Have parents with disability to be certified by District Medical Officer (DMO), Regional Medical Officer (RMO), or any entity authorized to certify such cases (as may be specified).

(iv) Be from lower income household and/or marginalized community whose secondary or diploma education was sponsored by recognised institutions. Applicants will be required to provide written and authenticated evidence of such sponsorships.

if you have been allocated for Loan or not? See details below.

1. Students Who Get Loan Status

Congratulations, you have been allocated a loan. Remember this is a loan to be paid back, use it as intended.

2. Student who do not get loan Status

The analysis of your application is yet to be finalized. you are advised to visit your SIPA when subsquent loan batches are released

Note that: The Batch Names are still being announced so be patient.

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How do I pay HESLB?

In case of enquires, contact us during work hours (0830 hrs – 1700hrs) through:

0736 66 55 33 (WhattsApp); 022 550 7910 (Calls from any network); [email protected]

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