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jinsi ya kujiunga na bolt Tanzania

jinsi ya kujiunga na bolt Tanzania
jinsi ya kujiunga na bolt Tanzania

jinsi ya kujiunga na bolt

In this articles you will find jinsi ya kujiunga na bolt Tanzania,How to register bolt,njia za kujiunga bolt,bolt Tanzania,malipo ya bolt,ofisi za bolt tanzania.

Bolt Tanzania

Bolt is the first European super-app, with the mission to make urban mobility more affordable, safe and sustainable. We help people save time and money, reduce stress and improve cities. Bolt also empowers millions of entrepreneurs — drivers, couriers, restaurant and store owners — all earning with Bolt and building their businesses.

The products and services are designed to offer a reliable solution to the world’s logistical problems, doing so in an affordable, safe, and sustainable way.

In Tanzania, the bolt is currently operated in 4 regions of the United Republic of Tanzania as shown below

  • Arusha
  • Dar AISalaam
  • dodoma
  • Mwanza

Bolt runs their app, which enables people to ride horses, rent cars, electric scooters, and e-bikes, and order food delivery from their smartphone. The app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

To use bolt Passenger, they must choose a payment method: cash, credit card, or carrier billing before they can use the service. Customer requests a ride and confirms ride location. Once the driver accepts the vehicle, the customer will be able to see the driver’s name and vehicle details. After the trip is over, the driver and passenger can rate each other.


Bolt Tanzania’s services, you must register by providing the required information in the registration program on the website and then upload the necessary documents as required by the Bolt app. You can register as a legal person or a natural person.


Required documents to register in bolt Tanzania

  • Photo
  • Passport or ID card
  • Driver’s License
  • Vehicle Vehicle Registration Card
  • Transport container insurance
  • Certificate of good behavior (available from the interior ministry).

Additional documentation for Bajaji, Boda and Vehicle

  • Latra license
  • TRA license.

To get started with bolt registration follow the steps below

Visit the bolt website with the url > bolt.eu/sw /< then scroll down and click on “SIGN UP TO DRIVE” then you will be redirected to the bolt registration page when you can start to register yourself and become a Bolt Driver.

Bolt It is required to provide various information such as personal information, vehicle details, vehicle manufacturer information, Taarifa kuhusu bei na maswala ya kisheria, Nyaraka, driver’s photo, and driver’s licence. Each time you fill in all the required fields completely, click the “Next” button to complete the stage.

After completing the application to register on the Program bolt will provide you with a personal account that will be available through a username and password. By clicking the “Register” button located at the end of the registration program, you confirm and acknowledge

Ofisi za bolt tanzania

Contact Bolt Dar es salaam

Contact Bolt Arusha

Contact Bolt Dodoma

Contact Bolt Dodoma