Latra yatangaza nauli mpya mwendo kasi na Teksi mtandaoni 2023

Latra yatangaza nauli mpya mwendo kasi

nauli mpya mwendo kasi, Othis post you will know all details about mwendo kasi price in 2023.The Dar es Salaam Rapid Transit Agency (DART) has proposed an integrated fare for TZS 1,500 from the current TZS 800.

DART has made the proposal at a time when the Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) hopes to make a change in fares for these fast-moving buses.

According to a LATRA statement, they have convened a stakeholder meeting to comment on the bus fare after receiving a request to return the bus fares to the Dar es Salaam region from DART.

In its proposal DART wants the main routes for passengers currently charged TZS 650 to be increased to TZS 1,200 and for routes currently charged TZS 400 to go up to TZS 600.

In terms of integrated routes for which TZS 800 fare, DART has recommended that passengers be charged TZS 1,500 and for students who are charged TZS 200 it is recommended that they pay TZS 300.

nauli mpya mwendo kasi

From January 16, 2023 Mwendokasi Bus Fare will be Tsh. 750 from 600, the feeder route (Feeder Route) is Tsh. 500, Feeder & Truck Route Tsh. 900 Kimara – Kibaha route is Tsh. 700 instead of DART’s proposal of Tsh. 1,200.

Taxi Internet for passengers Tsh. 3,000 – 4,000, 6 passenger cars will be Tsh. 4,000 – 5,000 within 1 Kilometer, and if the journey exceeds it will increase by Tsh. 800 to 1200 for 1 km. If there are obstacles such as queues, the fare will increase by Tsh. 80 to Tsh. 150 per minute.

Motorcycles for 2 passengers, the fare will be Tsh. 1,000 – 1,500, Motorcycles for less than 3 passengers will be Tsh. 2000 – 2500 within 1 Kilometer, and if the journey is longer, it will increase by Tsh. 300 – 600 for every one kilometer and if there are obstacles like queuing the fare will increase between Tsh. 50 to 90 per minute.

The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) has announced an increase in bus fare in Dar es Salaam and will be implemented in the next 14 days from today on Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Announcing the fares today in Dodoma, Latra Habibu Suluo’s managing director said the fares had increased by Sh100 from old fares.

Makato Mapya ya M-Pesa 2023 -(Ada za M-Pesa)

In addition to new bus fares, Suluo has also announced a new fare for a network taxi, new rates are in four groups of six passengers, four passengers, a three -wheeled motorcycle (Baja) and two wheels.

However, Latra has rejected a request to increase fares for students and remain in the existing Sh200.

Speaking to reporters today in Dodoma, Suluo said the change was in accordance with the law and had been approved by the Board of Directors after receiving comments on fares in the areas.

Suluo said the truck route fare is Sh750 from Sh600, the Feeder router is Sh500 from Sh400, the Feeder +Truck Route method is Sh900 from 800 and the route of Kimara to Kibaha is Sh700 instead of DART proposal of Sh1,200.

“These proposals are in accordance with the law but if there is any stakeholder he has a complaint or disagrees with this to bring his complaint within 14 days from today,” said Solution.

In terms of taxi fares the four -passenger fare will be Sh3,000 to 4,000 for a trip not exceeding one kilometer and if there is another trip from there the fare will increase by Sh800 to 1,000 per kilometer and the journey meets restrictions as the queue the additional fare will increase by Sh80 to Sh100 fare per minute.

Also, in terms of vehicles carrying six passengers the guiding fare is Sh4,000 to Sh5,000 for a trip not more than a kilometer and if there will be an additional trip from the original fare will increase by Sh1,000 to Sh1,200 per kilometer and when restrictions occur. If queues fare will increase Sh80 to Sh150 per minute.

He said for motorcycle fares to carry two passengers the fare will be Sh1,000 to Sh1,500 for a trip not more than a kilometer and if the trip increases from there the fare will increase by Sh300 to Sh400 per kilometer and if there will be restrictions if the queue will increase Sh50 to Sh70 per minute.

“In terms of motorcycle fare network carrying no more than three passengers is Sh2,000 to Sh2,500 for not more than one kilometer and an additional trip will increase the fare will increase by Sh500 to Sh600 per kilometer and if there will be restrictions on the way as the queue will increase For Sh70 to Sh90 in one minute, ”said Suluo.

Suluo said they are still in listening sessions with stakeholders on the fare fare (SGR) and they have already received proposals from the government and the full price of the fare will be announced next month after the arrival of trains in the country.

kupata Nauli za Usafiri wa Teksi Mtandao, Pikipiki Mtandao na Mabasi Yaendayo Haraka (DART)


nauli mpya mwendo kasi

nauli mpya mwendo kasi

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