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mtn momo registration form Pdf Download 2021-2022

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mtn momo registration form Pdf Download 2021-2022

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MTN MoMo work

MTN’s MoMo service, which allows subscribers to receive and send money via their cellphones, was launched in 2020 and has since grown to include more than two million active users in South Africa alone. … The newly hired agents will be managed by a team of Trade Development Representatives created by MTN and the IFC.

mtn momo registration form Pdf Download 2021-2022

MTN Mobile Money wallet holders can use their mobile money account in several ways. Below are some of theme:

  • Receive and store money
  • Send money to any MTN mobile phone user – registered or not.
  • Send money to mobile phone users on other local networks.
  • Withdraw cash at any authorised MTN Mobile Money agent
  • Top-up MTN airtime
  • Pay bills
  • Buy and pay for insurance
  • Pay employee salaries, airline tickets, school fees and other goods and services.

How can I register my MTN mobile money by myself?

  1. Type *400#
  2. Choose 1 “continue self-registration”.
  3. Then insert your first and last name.
  4. Then fill in your date of birth: MM/DD/YYYY.
  5. Choose your 5-digit PINSECRET code and validate.


Steps by steps How can I check my MTN MoMo Money balance?

There are several ways to check your MTN MoMo Money balance. However, the best way is to use the MTN mobile app. Above all, it allows you to check your balance and check rate. It also provides a better way to control all MTN mobile services.

  1. Kindly dial *170# to access the mobile money menu.
  2. Select option 6 ( My Wallet ) and send.
  3. Choose the first option to check the MoMo balance.
  4. Enter your MM pin and send.
  5. This will display your MoMo balance on your phone screen.

How do I withdraw money from MoMo pay?

How do I cash-out of my MoMo wallet? Show. You can cash-out of your wallet by visiting your nearest MTN store or MoMo agent or into any South African bank account.
  1. Dial *170#
  2. Dial 6 to select “My Wallet”
  3. Dial # to view the next page.
  4. Dial 8 to check your wallet limits.
  5. Enter your Momo pin.

How does MoMo card work

MTN has partnered with Mastercard to offer customers the ability to make online payments using a virtual card – MTN MoMocard. The payments are made from the customer’s MTN MoMo account. Simply dial *165*70# and select option 1 (Create MTN MoMocard). … The MTN MoMocard details are sent to the customer via SMS message.

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From any MTN phone 
Dial 135

From a non-MTN phone 
Dial 083 135

General queries 
[email protected]

Report fraud 
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