Bei Ya Vifurushi vya AZAM TV 2023

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Bei Ya Vifurushi vya AZAM TV 2023

In Tanzania, AZAM TV is a well-known company that offers clients the best selection of packages and rates.With AZAM TV, viewers have access to a variety of national and international channels that offer family-friendly entertainment, news, and sports content. This article will examine the numerous AZAM TV packages and costs offered in Tanzania, assisting you in selecting the ideal choice for your requirements and price range.

Vifurushi Vya Azam Tv Na Bei Zake Tanzania

Their vision is to offer a wide range of programs consisting of international and local channels suitable for families, sports enthusiasts, and individuals of all ages across Tanzania.

Viewers can also record programs while watching them on a USB device. Naturally, the set-top box comes with an HDMI connection option to get that perfect picture on your TV. 

Vifurushi vya AZAM TV Packages (2022 -2023) Updated

Azam Lite 80+ ChannelsTZS 8,000 / Monthly
Azam Pure 85+ ChannelsTZS 15,000 / Monthly
Azam Plus 95+ ChannelsTZS 23,000 / Monthly
Azam Play 130+ ChannelsTZS 35,000 / Monthly

Vifurushi vya Azam TV vya Wiki (Azam TV Weekly Packages)

The weekly packages from Azam TV “Vifurushi vya Azam TV vya Wiki” offer a convenient and affordable way to access a variety of channels and services on a short-term basis. These packages are available for purchase on a weekly basis, and they include options for sports, entertainment, news, and more.

Wiki Azam LiteTZS 2,500 / Weekly
Wiki Azam PureTZS 5,500 / Weekly

Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Azam Tv | Azam TV Packages Price

All are available in the comfort of your home. It’s easy to use, compact and stylish, yet has bags of features. You can record your favorite programs and capture your favorite games in HD quality.

Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Azam Tv 2023 | Azam TV Packages Price

  • Azam Pure
  • 75+ Channels – 13,000/=
  • Azam Light
  • 70+ Channels – 8,000/=
  • Azam Play
  • 110+ Channels – 28,000/=
  • Azam Plus
  • 85+ Channels – 20,000/=

Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Azam Tv | Azam TV Packages Price

Bei Ya Vifurushi Vya Azam Tv 2022 | Azam TV Packages Price. Vifurushi vya Azam Tv 2022Azam Tv has been one of the best performers in the game right now through Azam Tv Packages you can find channels showing football and various leagues like the Tanzania Premier League Popular NBC Premier League

For more information visit the official webpage Azam TV Packages Vifurushi Vya Azam TV

There’s Entertainment For Everybody with the AzamTV Set Top Box. Enjoy premiere movies from around the world, sports, entertainment, kids, and news. All are available in the comfort of your home. It’s easy to use, small and sleek, but has bags of features.

You can record your favorite programs and catch your favorite games in full high definition quality.

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AZAM TV Packages Price in Tanzania FAQ

How much does Azam TV full kit and installation cost?

Azam TV full kit (Decoder + Dish) costs TZS 160,000 (that includes 1 month free Azam Plus subscription) and a typical installation costs Tshs. 30,000.

Where can you buy the Azam TV full kit

You can buy a full kit from Azam TV dealers across Tanzania and they will install it for you. You can also get it from Azam TV head office located near you. Also you can call customer care to get the list of dealers near you.

How to contact Azam TV customer care?

You can contact Azam TV customer care on 0659072002, 0764700222, 0784108000 or 022 550 8080. You can also send an SMS or WhatsApp message to 0677996611 or email at, working our from 8am to 9pm Monday to Friday

How to check Azam TV balance?

Through USSD on your mobile You can dial *150*50*5# and follow the prompts. You will also need your smartcard number for other services.

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